Who We Are

The 360Liguria Group is an informal network to promote tourism in Western Liguria composed of companies, associations, professionals, groups, communities and individuals. Each participant provides its know-how and capabilities in providing services, in favor of the common goal. We wanted to highlight our regional identity, keeping in the name itself the strongest reference to the land that welcomes us: Liguria.

The coordination and management is entrusted to the social cooperative 360Liguria based in [postcode: 18100] Imperia Oneglia in Via Vieusseux 8 P.iva 01322040088 sdi 5RUO82D.

How does 360Liguria work

We can define ourselves as a group united by a collaboration agreement to provide coordinated tourist services in the organization and promotion. Each of us remains completely autonomous, knows all the members of the group, shares the promotion, the strategy   and respects the rules behind the pact.

To take advantageof our services directly, it is easy to contact us through the links and references listed at the end of each sheet in the sections EXPERIENCES & CULTURE, SPORT & NATURE,   WELCOMING & LOCAL TASTE. 

360 Liguria has signed a partnership agreement with a local Tour Operator that allows you to book our tourist packages.

You can contact us for information at +39 375 7025130 during office hours or use the form on the website or through the social pages. The operators of the experiential tourism preferably write to info@360liguria.com to receive all the information and be contacted.

Our Territory

A strip of land embraced by mountains and sea, from the French border to the cities of Alassio and Albenga, with an altitude that rises from sea level to 2,200 meters of Mount Saccarello. Our climate, considered among the best in the world, has attracted people from all over, even before the development of the modern concept of “tourism”.

What did illustrious and less illustrious figures find here, besides sun and fresh air? Beaches, transparent waters, picturesque fishing villages and tasty sea products. Also vegetable gardens, olives and vines grown on terraces made on the slopes in the surrounding valleys, rising from the coast up to meet the Alps.

Products that become ingredients of the main dishes of the Mediterranean Diet..

The Valleys of Western Liguria are always a reason to immerse yourself in this land and live it at 360 degrees.

Occasion also to meet people proud of their roots, hardened maybe by the sun and the land work, but always ready to tell their traditions to the “ furesti” [people that live outside the region] and pass them on to their children.

So you can start your day just a few kilometers from the coast, between mountain biking, walks among olive trees and tastings in the vineyard. And then back down to the sea for fishing tourism, a dinner of great fish and a few steps on the waterfront to complete the album of memories.

All this is Western Liguria, from the Alps to the sea in less than an hour!


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